Own a Hunka, Hunka Piece of Burning History, Like Elvis Presley’s Used Electric Razor

In honor of Elvis Week (what, you didn’t know Elvis Week is Aug. 10–16?), eBay has partnered with Graceland Auctions for the sale of 195 rare—and unusual—Elvis artifacts.

The Auction at Graceland will go live on eBay on Saturday, Aug. 3, at 3 p.m. ET, and will include movie-related memorabilia, archival photography and personal items—my favorite of which is a used Remington 60 DeLuxe Electric Razor. Added kudos to whomever was responsible for the gem-of-a-write-up: The velvety vocal tones of the King of Rock ‘n Roll were matched only by the smooth skin on his freshly shaved face, which was kept trimmed by the offered Remington “60 DeLuxe” Electric Razor. 

Other not-so-harry auction items include a 1954 record of “That’s All Right/Blue Moon of Kentucky,” a signed guitar case, a 1960s electric guitar, a 1957 pair of red and white Western pants, an assortment of movie posters, jewelry and more.

Start your bidding. Thank you, thank you very much.

main image courtesy of John Greensmith