Santa Fe – Take A Ride On Us

The weekend is finally here! Are you ready to let loose and have some fun? We’re all about good times and great memories, but let’s talk about keeping those memories positive, shall we?

Picture this: You’re out with friends this weekend, enjoying a few drinks, letting the stress of the week melt away. Sounds awesome, right? But here’s the thing, when the night winds down and it’s time to head home, make the right call – “Take a Ride on Us”!

Santa Fe County DWI Program, End-DWI, and Glasheen, Valles, and Inderman Injury Lawyers have partnered with Cumulus Media to help End-DWI.

Open the Uber App now and under vouchers enter the code SFWKD24 in all caps. Then, after your weekend libations, request an Uber and we’ll pay up to ten-dollars for your ride. This offer is good for the first 500 people who use the code now through Sunday, June 30th at twelve-midnight. Rides are only valid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each weekend. 

There’s no excuse for drinking and driving —  Take a Ride on Us. Together, we can End-D-W-I.