Bobby G

  • Bobby G…. On the radio 12 – 3pm on 92.3 KRST  – “It’s the highlight of my career to be on a HERITAGE radio station like KRST  The people who listen to KRST are my FAMILY”  Bobby G is also broadcasting on over 200 Westwood One Radio Network radio stations from Hawaii to New York with MainStream Country.  “Joining Westwood One is a dream come true for me professionally, truly BLESSED.”

    If you spend any time at all with Bobby G, it’s like instantly finding a great friend.  His passion for music and the fun energy he brings to the radio and to live appearances is contagious!  “I started in radio when I was 15 and from that moment, I knew I wanted to be on the radio everyday of my life. The listeners are my family, the music is my therapy… It’s a privilege to be on the air”

    If you’re looking for Passion and Genuine Energy Bobby G is your guy!

    Bobby is a native New Mexican, growing up in Ft. Stanton NM near Capitan. Bobby has 4 children; 1 boy Aaron, and 3 beautiful girls Aubree, Azlyn and Ashlee.

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