Clay Walker’s New Album – Texas To Tennessee – Is About His Journey

Clay Walker’s New Album – Texas To Tennessee – Is About His Journey

Clay Walker‘s new album Texas To Tennessee is available now!

With a list of hits already on his country music resume, when it came to creating this new project, Clay says “Well, there’s a question that artists have to ask themselves whenever their going in to record music, new music , you know. If it’s new music, how new is it? What’s going to be new about it? And for me I had to ask myself, at this point in my career, what is it that I need to give the fans that I haven’t given them already.”

The new thing Clay gave is fans on Texas To Tennessee was working with a new producer – Michael Knox – of Jason Aldean fame.

Clay says that with all the music he’s created previously, Michael had one simple mission when it came to creating these new tracks – Clay shares “He said ‘Clay if I’m going to make a record, I’d like to make a record about you.’ And I was like whoa, that’s different. He said, ‘I’d like to make every song about you, I want you to write every song.’ And that was a big challenge, so he started lining up some co-writes…and he focused them in on that exact topic, that we want to write songs about Clay’s life. So as we did that, I think it came off brilliantly, and a lot of integrity there, and I always recorded songs that I either loved or, lived. And this was just, a much deeper dive into, that direction, and I felt like we nailed it.”

A lot of the inspiration behind the music of his life right now is Clay’s wife, Jessica, “My wife Jessica, she’s not only the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, she’s the kindest, and most selfless human being I’ve ever been around, and I really adore her, and wish I could be more like her. There’s just not a selfish thing about her, so in this album, there’s a lot of things that point to her.”

The track listing for Texas To Tennessee is

1. “Anything To Do With You” (Clay Walker, Brandon KinneyShane MinorMike Mobley)

2. “Need A Bar Sometimes” (Walker, Jaron BoyerJosh MirendaGeorge Birge)

3. “Catching Up With An Ol’ Memory” (Walker, Boyer, Birge, Lalo Guzman)

4. “Country Side” (Clay Walker, Boyer, Lynn Wilbanks)

5. “Cowboy Loves A Woman” (Walker, Jennifer Hanson, Mark Nesler)

6. “Texas To Tennessee” (Walker, Hanson, Nesler)

7. “I Just Wanna Hold You” (Walker, Boyer, Ben Stennis)

8. “Loving You Then” (Walker, Boyer, Brad Rempel, Stennis)

9. “You Look Good” (Walker, Boyer, Michael Tyler)

10. “One More” (Walker, David Lee MurphyJustin Weaver)

Texas To Tennessee – produced by Michael Knox (Jason Aldean) and Jaron Boyer (Dierks Bentley‘s “Somewhere On A Beach”), 

The album’s title was very autobiographical as to what the couple has been through, “Texas to Tennessee is really about our journey, with my career. She has been a part of me for sixteen years. There’s no separation between us we both have the same goal in life, and that is to raise our family, the best we can, and to love each other in front of them, and when were alone. So Texas to Tennessee is the title cut, to the album, and one of the songs on the album, is really about that journey that we both experience together.”

Another track Clay wrote with his wife in mind is “You Look Good” – which he says the song “actually embarrasses her. She’s so modest.”

When it comes to his new project, Clay says “My voice is as traditional as ever, and these sounds that are around it, really make it fit in and blend nicely.” 

Check out the new album from Clay Walker – Texas to Tennessee – which includes “Need A Bar Sometimes”

Photos Courtesy of Shore Fire PR & Show Dog Nashville